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Workforce Optimization (WFO)

Develop A Stellar Workforce

The efficiency and effectiveness of your workforce is paramount to the success of your business in the fierce current economic climate. Elite CX Solutions has devised a comprehensive WFO program that will help you to closely manage and optimize your workforce. A comprehensive onboarding process for a new hire should include clear guidelines for processes and procedures.
We create onboarding videos to streamline this process and to reduce the cost of bringing on a new team member which averages $9,444.47 for a minimum wage employee. It is another reason to empower your workforce to encourage longevity.
Elite CX Solutions has our Elite University which is an online program accessed by team members to gain new knowledge of your company as well as reinforce current techniques and procedures. Our proprietary Encapsulated Training Modules are concise video clips prepared using actual store footage and simulated scenarios to address issues discovered through the VoC, Mystery Shopping, Call Monitoring and Auditing data.
Call monitoring is used to flag team members in need of additional training. This automated system identifies when key performance indicators are not achieved and selects the appropriate training module for the team member to review. Effectively reduce call duration while improving customer satisfaction and closing rates. We incorporate visual, auditory and interactive learning to ensure every team member absorbs the information in the manner that suits their learning style.
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