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Mystery Shops

The Right Program For The Right Client

Written Mystery Shopping provide a measuring tool for your company’s key goals. You receive streamlined data collection about your average customer experience in a written report for each shop experience along with a summarized report of the project. Many questions can be included in a written report to provide the level of detail to meet your needs.
Hidden Video Mystery Shopping provides a 100% verifiable document of your typical customer experience. It can then be used as a powerful training tool for your management and staff. The level of detail gleaned from a hidden video can provide invaluable feedback for your employees and management team. Video mystery shopping can also be implemented when an indicator has been discovered by a written mystery shop.
Audio Recorded mystery shops remove the “He said, she said” from the evaluation process. The format is versatile and there is a large pool of qualified shoppers to perform the visits. Audio shops can be used to ensure employee compliance with industry, safety and client program guidelines & regulations.
Telephone Mystery Shops provide insight about the first point of contact for your business. It is an effective program that can add so much value to a crucial part of the customer journey.
Website Inquiries will show you what the beginning of the typical customer journey looks like. Use this information to create the best first impression possible.

Which Option Best Suits Your Needs?

– Written Mystery Shops
– Hidden Video Mystery Shops
– Audio Recorded Mystery Shops
– Telephone Mystery Shops
– Website Inquiries
Do you know what the average customer experience is like at your business? With our suite of Mystery Shopping services, you will have the opportunity to see first-hand, a customer experience from start to finish. Elite CX Solutions understands the importance of your business model and the need for adherence to policies and sales strategies. A smart mix of shop types will give you a clear picture of your typical customer journey when combined with VoC, auditing and WFO. We have evaluators located throughout the country to perform the necessary evaluations wherever you conduct business. Skilled evaluators are available to provide you with high quality video, audio and/or written reports. This data is collected and arranged in a manner that fits into your current systems. Choose from a wide array of services in a plug and play format. We will create a program using just the right components you need to achieve your goals.
For more information on how Elite CX Solutions can work to improve your company through Mystery shopping and other solutions, please contact one of our Business Development Managers at (727) 674-0300 or email us at