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Voice of the Customer (VoC)

Monitor Your Brand

TrueVoice CX is our powerful Voice of the Customer (VoC) management system that was created by our team of experts in the data collection & management field. We developed a system that can connect directly with hundreds of social media websites to access data related to your company and your competitors. View real-time customer sentiments enabling you to quickly engage your customers. TrueVoice CX has the power to continually ‘crawl’ thousands of websites in search of comments, articles and references to your company and related topics. Know the true image of your online presence. When you need immediate feedback about a promotion or current campaign, we deploy our team of Elite Evaluators to your stores to conduct Data Intercepts. Our Elite Evaluators can ask your customers a few key questions and input the answers directly into the TrueVoice CX system giving you immediate actionable data. Web surveys can be emailed or directed from receipts to allow customers to give feedback from their recent customer experiences. Incorporating this data into the TrueVoice CX system leaves you with a large pool of information to validate findings and allows another chance to discover areas that need attention.
A strong Customer Experience management program including VoC data collected from our TrueVoice CX system gives you the competitive edge your company needs to achieve or maintain market dominance. Understanding the true Voice of the Customer can help you to understand what the world is saying about your business. This will help to determine, meet and exceed your overall program and campaign goals. Combining TrueVoice CX with our services such as Mystery Shopping, Auditing and Workforce Optimization (WFO) provides you with a 360 degree view of your operation. For more information on how Elite CX Solutions can work to improve your business through VoC and other solutions, please contact one of our Business Development Managers at (727) 674-0300 or email us at info@elitecxs.com.