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White Papers

White Paper – The Outmoded “Data Dump” Solution

(January 29, 2016)

Time and time again, businesses who rely on customer experience management firms find themselves receiving a tremendous amount of data. Big data in and of itself is actually a good thing. The problem is the work that goes into processing that data to extract something meaningful and actionable. If you are running a full CX management campaign including online sentiments, surveys, mystery shops, audits and call monitoring, you can easily get overwhelmed with the data. As more data streams are added the easier it is to miss the correlation between all the data. If you are required to access the data through multiple platforms, the task becomes even harder. That is why a “Data Dump” can spell disaster for your business.

The first step to avoid such a problem is to find a customer experience management firm that houses all CX data streams under one roof. Firms like Elite CX Solutions take the tedium out of the data extraction process. When multiple platforms are in play, integration of the data streams can be problematic and unreliable. It is easy to have data disappear during the merging process. The resources used to process the data is another issue. After spending time and money to collect the data, you then have to spend additional resources to extract the real data you need to make operational decisions.

Having all the data housed in a single platform is great but it won’t solve all your problems. You need to have a sophisticated platform that is able to glean the correlation between the multiple data streams. A well designed CX management program will not only identify key performance indicators, it will validate those findings as well. Solutions such as call monitoring and a comprehensive auditing program are just two of the ways to validate findings. Firms like Elite CX Solutions have several ways to create checks and balances for the data collection process.

The last step that is often missing from CX management firms that provide “Data Dump” solutions is the ability to measure the success of the program. It is meaningless to simply identify success and failure points. After implementing a robust training program based on the findings of your program, you have to monitor and measure the success of your efforts across multiple channels. If your current CX management firm is not providing you with manageable data that is able to identify, correct and measure the effectiveness of your program, you are being underserved. Consider a unified comprehensive CX management firm like Elite CX Solutions.


White Paper – CX Management Failures in Senior Living

(December 12, 2015)

The senior living industry has been underserved by customer experience management firms over the last several years. The industry has undergone changes and so has the landscape of CX management. While changes such as the transition from patients to residents has been a relatively easy one, some changes require more work and staff buy-in. What studies such as the one performed by George Mason University are showing is that the senior living industry is not asking the right questions. You might be thinking, “How do I know what the right questions are?” If you were thinking that, you are not alone.

The best way to ensure your business is asking the right questions is to listen to what your residents and their families have to say. This can be done through a variety of methods with varying results. A cost effective tool that can easily be incorporated into your current CX approach is the use of a Voice of the Customer (VoC) program. This type of program such as Elite CX Solutions’ TrueVoice CX offers you a true picture of your online presence. It allows you to hear and respond to comments made on social media sites about your facilities in real time. You can find out immediately when your business is mentioned in thousands of articles, blogs and social media sites.

The use of a VoC program gives you the opportunity to make things right when there is a public complaint. This can save you from having a disgruntled resident or family member tarnish your reputation. According to digital marketing advisors Convince & Convert, nearly half of customers who voice a complaint on social media expect a response in under an hour. While that may not always be possible, it shows how important the management of your online presence is. One of the great things about comprehensive VoC programs like TrueVoice CX, is the ability to generate immediate responses based on the nature of the comment. This gives you and your staff time to develop a more crafted response while the public sees your quick action of looking into the matter.

You can use the data collected from a VoC program to outline the issues that are important to your residents and their families. You see the issues that will prompt a family to post a positive or negative comment about your facility. You will also see what your patients and their families are passionate about. Use the VoC program to learn what your competitors are doing to win the hearts of their residents as well. This information will give you the tools to be asking the right questions on your questionnaires and in your written or hidden video mystery shopping program.

It is a competitive industry and you can use every bit of edge you can. The use of a VoC program will set you apart from your competition. VoC technology is revolutionizing the way business is done throughout the world. The days of working hard and hoping for the best is over. Take control of your online reputation and build it up to represent your facilities in the best light possible.