Elite’s History

Elite's History

Company History

Elite CX Solutions is an innovative company that has a fresh take on the customer experience. Our focus has always been rooted in the improvement of the customer journey. The founders of Elite CX Solutions all came from backgrounds in the monitoring, measurement and management of the customer experience. Their expertise proved to be a winning combination as growth during 2014 and 2015 was exponential. The company’s record of success in customer experience management attracted clients of all sizes from global corporations to mid-size fast casual dining chains.


In our early days, Elite recognized a strong demand for a higher quality hidden video mystery shopping program. We focused on this segment of CX management for most of 2014 and designed a hidden video mystery shopping program that is unparalleled in the industry. We raised the bar on quality for evaluators, editing features, methods of delivery and program options. We turned the program into something that could not only be used by the management on the store level but a tool that could be utilized by an executive management team.


2015 began with the challenges any rapidly growing company faces in similar circumstances. We relocated to a larger facility to accommodate all of the Elite Team. A number of industry experts were added to the ranks to reinforce our team and propel us to greater heights. A number of high profile clients were added to our portfolio and Elite stood up to the challenge with success. Programs like our Elite University and our powerful VoC system TrueVoice CX were piloted for select clients with results that were better than expected.


Elite CX Solutions plans to carry our momentum into 2016 with gusto. Our full launch of the Elite University and TrueVoice CX is on target for January. We welcome the addition of new clients and the return of our current ones. Our expansion into several markets will continue including Canada and the UK. It is an exciting time for our company and we look forward to working with you.