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From Inquiry, To Appointment, To Resident

Current CX management strategies are not meeting the needs of the Senior Living market. Elite CX Solutions understands that and has worked hard to create a fresh approach to the senior living market that produces real results. Studies have shown that many Senior Living communities are out of touch and asking the wrong questions. A uniquely designed program will help keep your finger on the pulse of the industry. The old “data dump” approach leaves you to sort out the meaning and corrective action plan. Elite takes information collected from written/video/telephone mystery shopping, VoC and auditing to develop a tailored solution for your company.

Our approach focuses on the voice of the customer to pinpoint the areas that need attention. Our TrueVoice CX program is a state of the art Voice of the Customer (VoC) tool that was created to give you a detailed look into your web presence. Listen and respond to current residents and family feedback on social media. Hear from prospective residents and family about recent tours to tailor new customer journeys. Ensure your online presence represents your communities in the best light possible. This data gives your team the best chance to address questions and objections with confidence and understanding.

We have a highly skilled evaluator pool that can carry out your mystery shopping scenarios with ease. Our dedicated scheduling team works to match the right evaluator to each project ensuring your target demographic is conducting the evaluations. Whether your program consists of video mystery shopping or written shops, Elite CX Solutions gives you quality work that is a cut above our competition. Our client portal includes essential benchmark data for your specific market segment. Rest assured you are partnering with a company that has a reputation for quality deliverables and service.

The results are actionable data that we use to create meaningful reports, executive highlight reels and comprehensive training programs designed just for you. Let us help you to improve conversions from inquiry, to appointments, to residents.