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From Inquiry, To Appointment, To Resident

A leasing agent has approximately 30 minutes to convince a prospective resident that their community is the best choice. With so many options to choose from, it often comes down to the connection made with the leasing agent and their ability to convey all the benefits and features of the community. A comprehensive Customer Experience management program is the best way to ensure your leasing agents are making the most of their time with prospective residents.
Our TrueVoice CX program is a state of the art Voice of the Customer (VoC) tool that was created to give you a detailed look into your web presence. Listen and respond to current resident feedback on social media. Hear from prospective residents about recent tours to tailor new customer journeys. Ensure your online presence represents your communities in the best light possible. This data gives your leasing agents the best chance to address questions and objections with confidence and understanding.
Video mystery shopping allows you and the leasing agent to see exactly what happens during a typical visit to a community. Management can use the footage to offer targeted training to improve the sales techniques of the leasing agents. It can be used to coach your leasing agents in effective communication, rapport building, objection handling and closing methods. Video mystery shopping can also be used to ensure with certainty that Fair Housing questions are handled appropriately. Use this powerful tool to give your leasing agents the competitive edge they need.
Written Mystery Shops can also be used to add to the data pool and further validate findings. Competitor Written Mystery Shops will help you learn how your competition is portraying themselves and what they have to say about you. Our pool of evaluators are ready to be deployed to your communities for all of your needs.
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