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Elevate The Higher Education Experience

The education services industry is working hard to help fill the “skills gap” in the United States. Competition has been on the rise as efforts have been redoubled to achieve market dominance. Elite CX Solutions has focused on the unique challenges for post-secondary institutions. We understand the difficulty of enticing students to enroll at your campuses while adhering to the strict regulations imposed on the industry.
You need to know what is being said about your institution in order to address issues potential and current students are voicing on the internet. Our TrueVoice CX system is a powerful Voice of the Customer (VoC) management tool that scours the internet for comments, social media posts, articles and blogs related to your institution.
A comprehensive Mystery Shopping program will show you what the typical student journey looks like from inquiry to enrollment. Elite CX Solutions uses a combination of VoC data and Mystery Shopping to identify key performance indicators for your team. Recorded Telephone Inquiries show you exactly how potential students are handled during this crucial first contact. Written Mystery Shops can provide data on each admissions representative throughout your organization.
Hidden Video Mystery Shopping is a great way to add color to the data. The footage is a powerful training tool for your admissions representatives. Interactions from a collection of videos can be compiled to create an Executive Highlight Reel of key successes and areas needing attention. The footage can be used for individual training purposes as well as for creating training modules for the staff and management. Allow Elite CX Solutions to improve your customer journey, one process at a time.
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