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Elevate The Customer Experience

Elite CX Solutions offers a unique perspective to the casual and/or fine dining experience. Our knowledge will help you to achieve and/or maintain ratings such as Forbes, AAA, Zagat and Yelp for your restaurant group.
We have spent years perfecting the approach to Customer Experience management in a dining environment. We incorporate VoC tools to discover what is being said about your restaurant online. Real feedback from your patrons direct our attention to important issues.
Telephone Mystery Shops provide information about the reservation and inquiry process. Ensure your first contact with a patron is a delightful one. We record these calls to add to your training program.
Using the latest in Hidden Video Mystery Shopping technology, we send qualified evaluators to conduct visits at your establishments. Our editing team will refine the video footage of one visit down to a 6-10 minute clip that shows each key staff interaction along with images of food presentation, facility conditions and receipts. A typical dining environment poses many obstacles we have learned to overcome. Background noise, awkward angles, long periods of inactivity, limited lighting and documenting food items all pose challenges for the evaluator and the editing team.
The value of adding video shops along with a written component of mystery shopping is key to fully understanding the data. Much of the rapport established by the restaurant staff is difficult to document in words alone. Through hidden video, you are allowed to see the mannerisms, body language, tone of voice and context of the interactions that take place. You can see first-hand how issues such as service recovery, integrity situations, upsell techniques and promotional campaigns are handled.
Interactions from a collection of videos can be compiled to create an Executive Highlight Reel of key successes and areas needing attention. The footage can be used for individual training purposes as well as for creating training modules for the staff and management. Allow Elite CX Solutions to improve your customer journey, one process at a time.
For more information on how Elite CX Solutions can work to improve your restaurant group through a comprehensive Customer Experience Management Suite, please contact one of our Business Development Managers at (727) 674-0300 or email us at